Download AWS Data

We have permission to host only 1-day sample data for each network, which can be downloaded from this webpage. There is one file for each network on the webpage. The file name is prefixed by network name. To save a file, right click on the file name and select “Save link as”.

Important Note:

For PROMICE, input file name must contain station name. 
e.g. 'PROMICE_KAN-B.txt' or 'KAN-B.txt' or 'Kangerlussuaq-B_abc.txt', etc.

For IMAU, input file name must start with network type(i.e. 'ant' or 'grl'), 
followed by a underscore and then station number. 
e.g. 'ant_aws01.txt' or 'ant_aws15_123.txt' or 'grl_aws21abc.txt', etc.

The complete data for each network can be downloaded or requested from following links:




POLENET: Data can be obtained via anonymous FTP to in src/SCAR_EGOMA/POLENET_AWS directory.


SCAR: Data can be obtained via anonymous FTP to in src/SCAR_EGOMA/AWS directory.